To Subscribe to a Monthly payment option for Remote or Telephone Support, select the number of computers to be supported from the dropdown.

This subscription service is an ongoing monthly charge that, while you can cancel at anytime, is not designed to be stopped and started again randomly.  The service offers basic unlimited access to support via telephone, email and remote access for assistance with questions and minor problems.  Some months you may not need as much assistance as others but it all works out in the wash when you spread the cost of services out with lower monthly charges.  

(1-2 computers) $100 + GST per month

(3-5 computers) $225 + GST per month

You will need a PayPal account to Subscribe - charges will be processed automatically through your PayPal account.  

Subscription Options

 If you need support for more than 5 computers, please contact me for a customized quote.

To Pay an invoice using a credit card - click the Button below.  You will be prompted to enter the amount from your invoice - or the total if you are paying more than one invoice.